Case Studies



Customer Stories: Hedgehogs and direct bookings with Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa

In this Customer Story with Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, find out what hedgehogs and direct bookings have in common.

Case Study: The strategy that generated over €30K in direct revenue

In this Case Study, we look at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa and how communicating the right information impacts conversion rates and turns visitors into guests.

Customer Stories: How Future Inns UK has increased their website conversion rate

Future Inns UK shares how they have increased their conversion rate by working with Hotelchamp. Plus, find out which campaigns drive the most success.

Case study: How optimising retargeting emails helps the leaky booking funnel

The journey of converting website visitors into hotel guests can be a challenging one. Our team analysed a sample of hotels and shared the learnings to address the leaky booking funnel.

Customer Stories: Increasing direct bookings during lockdown with Terra The Magic Place

During the COVID-19 crisis, Terra The Magic Place used Hotelchamp to increase their email sign-ups and direct bookings. Learn about their experience here.

Case Study: Capture up to 20x more emails

In this case study, we compared the results of different email capture messages. We also share our top tips for increasing newsletter sign-ups and conversion.

Case Study: Increasing occupancy using unique offers

In this case study, we focus on how one of our partners sold 60 rooms in less than 2 days using a unique offer and a multi-channel promotional strategy.

Do your website visitors care about your COVID-19 precautions?

Watch now: Hotels are using informative COVID-19 messaging on their websites to keep guests up to date. They are keen to reassure anxious guests and communicate essential information. But are website visitors seeking this information, and is it important to your potential guests?