1. Who are you and how would you describe the Royal Crescent Hotel?

My name is Mary Stringer, I am the Marketing Manager at The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa in Bath. This five-red-star establishment offers an iconic location, individually designed bedrooms, exemplary service levels, an award-winning spa, 3AA Rosette restaurant, and an acre of hidden gardens. My role is to communicate all of this into the marketplace.

2. What are the main challenges you are facing in your day-to-day in terms of direct bookings and getting close to your guests?

We get a high proportion of direct bookings through the website, however, there is always pressure to compete with online travel agents, so anything we can do to ensure we are communicating perceived value to guests on-site helps us in this respect. We want to make it clear to guests throughout their website journey that booking through us is more beneficial for them than booking through a third party.

3. When and why did you decide to start working with Hotelchamp?

The software was recommended to us by another hotel, and the demo Hotelchamp did for us showed the benefits very clearly.

Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa highlight nearby attractions on their find us page
Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa highlights popular nearby landmarks and attractions on their “Find Us” page using Hotelchamp Convert smart notifications.

4. How does Hotelchamp help you tackle the challenges you face?

The software helps us to communicate extra benefits and value to guests on our website. The new in-line tools help us to do this in a non-obtrusive manner, as they don’t look like pop-ups and don’t feel “salesy”. And the monthly reports show us how each tool is performing, demonstrating clear ROI.

5. What campaigns have you run with Hotelchamp that you are most proud of?

Our account manager Nadine created a new visual tool to help draw web visitors’ attention towards our rescue hedgehogs, featuring a photo of a hedgehog, which has since become one of our most clicked tools.

Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa highlight their hedgehogs using Hotelchamp messaging
The hedgehog message on Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa’s website has a high click-through rate.

6. Can you describe how the partnership with Hotelchamp is?

The Hotelchamp team is very responsive and most importantly proactive when it comes to making sure the software is working hard for us. Our account manager Nadine is exceptionally helpful and keeps us well-informed about new tools, so we know we are getting the most out of the software and continually improving the way in which we “communicate” with guests on-site.

7. What would you tell someone who is considering working with Hotelchamp?

The tool delivers good value for money and clear ROI, and the team are extremely helpful.

A docked bar with 3 USPs performed really well on the Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa website
Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa had big success using a docked bar message.

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8. Who do you think could benefit from a partnership with Hotelchamp?

Any hotel seeking to increase their direct bookings and improve the way they communicate with guests on-site could benefit from using Hotelchamp—there are a huge variety of different tools to choose from which can all be tailored to fit in with your branding and messaging.

To find out more about how we can help your hotel, contact us via live chat or visit our website.

Nov 17, 2021