What Google's removal of commission-based bidding (CPA) means for your hotel

Google is phasing out the usage of their commission-based bidding models. Here's what that means for your hotel.
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Free ebook: 7 Strategies to Convert Metasearch Traffic

Your conversion rate is key for managing metasearch spend. In this ebook, you'll learn how to optimise your website for converting metasearch traffic.
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12 travel industry trends that hoteliers need to be aware of for 2022

Looking ahead to 2022, it will still be a year of ups and downs. Get ahead with our 12 trends for 2022—find out what these mean for hoteliers, plus insights from our team.

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Google Hotel Ads is the fastest-growing metasearch engine across all regions. Being on Google Hotel Ads is now a must. Run a successful GHA campaign with these 7 tips.

6 essential Metasearch tips for hotels

Metasearch is a key part of any strong direct booking strategy. Learn the essentials for making metasearch successful for your hotel.

Getting Better At Meta – Hotelchamp’s Easy Guide To Metasearch

Metasearch can be confusing, but we're making it easy with this guide. Learn more about how metasearch can help your direct channels.
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How to increase your hotel’s website traffic

Find out the proven tactics and strategies that can boost your hotel website traffic, with little to no budget, and in little to no time.
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How to reduce costs while increasing incremental revenue for your hotel

With revenue decimated by the pandemic, many hotels are searching for ways to reduce their costs, without reducing incremental revenue. In this blog, we explore how to increase your additional revenue. Plus, you’ll learn how to practically apply this to your hotel's strategy.

How hotels can reduce the customer acquisition costs of metasearch campaigns

Metasearch is effective in increasing your reach but can also lead to high costs if not managed well. Here are three ways that hotels can reduce customer acquisition costs when using metasearch campaigns.