5 reasons why hotels should engage with their local community

Your local community is key to becoming more sustainable and pleasing travellers' complex needs. We look at 5 reasons why your hotel should engage with the local community. Plus, we look at tips for hotels to make the best use of local partnerships.

A Guide to Sustainability and Social Responsibility for Hotels

Travellers are prioritising sustainability and socially conscious travel more and more. We look at how to ensure your hotel lives up to the standards of eco-conscious travellers. Plus, we look at how to communicate your efforts with your guests in a way that creates trust.
Trends and Insights

Three key learnings from travel industry events in 2022 (so far)

The return of events to the hotel industry has seen great expert insights shared during the programmes. Here are the three key learnings that we're seeing come out of these events.

5 ways hotels are creating positive sustainable change

More and more travellers are aware of their environmental impact and want to make more sustainable choices. Here are 5 ways that others in the hotel industry approach sustainability and how they share their practices with guests.