In the first of our Customer Stories series, we spoke with Karl Manfredi, co-owner of Terra The Magic Place in Italy. Terra The Magic Place first started using Hotelchamp at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. After the success of their Hotelchamp Email Capture free trial, they decided to extend the services they use and are now using the full Hotelchamp solution. During the COVID-19 crisis, Terra The Magic Place used Hotelchamp technology to increase their email sign-ups and increase their direct bookings. In the midst of a challenging time, they have reduced their dependency on OTAs and were fully booked for July. Hear this story straight from the source here:

Who are you and how would you define your hotel?

​My name is Karl Manfredi, I am the co-owner of Terra The Magic Place, an exclusive luxury retreat with only 10 rooms and a 2 Michelin starred restaurant. Our property is in the middle of untouched nature on 1600m. We are surrounded by woods and meadow and pure air.

What problems did you face before using Hotelchamp—especially during COVID-19?

​​For a long time, we noticed that we had many visitors on our webpages. Unfortunately often more lookers than bookers. I wanted to do something about that. We often don't know who is looking at the page and who is maybe interested to learn more. Therefore we needed an email capture tool. During COVID-19 the traffic dropped dramatically but we knew that at some point the interest would return and we wanted to be prepared for that moment.

How was your experience of the Email Capture trial period—from the start of the implementation and during the trial?

​It was all very simple and went really fast. The script that came with the software worked right away and the implementation was smooth overall.

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Why did you choose to proceed with the complete services of Hotelchamp after your trial?

The tools convinced me and I do not like half measures.

What results did you achieve when using our services, including during the trial period?

​I was really surprised because we received email registrations from day one. The other solutions also showed positive results immediately, which we could follow up well on [Google] Analytics.

How do you use Hotelchamp to increase your direct bookings?

​The tools are very useful to us when selling packages. In addition, I have eliminated all discounts at the OTAs and increased the prices there. We almost only get direct bookings and the month of July 2020 is already fully booked.

What do you like about working with Hotelchamp?

​You always get help very quickly. I have a very competent and friendly contact person and even when there were problems, everyone was always there quickly.

What would you tell someone who's considering using Hotelchamp?

​Just try it out. It [Email Capture free trial] costs nothing and the results are immediately visible.

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Jul 8, 2020
Written by
Cansın Tuna