In the second part of our Customer Stories series, we spoke with Emir Boro from Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. Emir told us about the engaging campaigns that they have created with Hotelchamp, plus shared the great results. He also gave a sneak peek into their upcoming plans. Check out this inspirational story right here:

Who are you and how would you describe your hotel?

My name is Emir Boro and I am a digital marketing consultant working for Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. This unique property is located between two Amsterdam canals in the heart of the city, with a rich history; from a 15th-century convent to royal lodgings to Dutch Admiralty headquarters to the City Hall of Amsterdam. The Grand offers five-star luxury in a unique “Amsterdam'' ambience, furnished with French elegance and grandeur. The hotel has the Sofitel Spa with an indoor pool, award-winning Bridges restaurant, garden bistro Oriole, the Garden Terrace, Library ‘Or’ famous with its Afternoon Tea offerings and The Flying Dutchman bar.

What challenges did you face before using Hotelchamp?

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam offers a unique guest experience tailored for each guest, however, we had challenges to reflect this service standard on our digital channels. We wanted to customise the guest experience on our website to show relevant information to visitors with different needs.

Why did you decide to work with Hotelchamp?

Hotelchamp solutions have the functions we need to solve our main problem. The team is also very attentive as they work together with us to build our strategies and suggest us the best practices that we can also adapt. The tool is also being updated so new features may come on the way.

How do you use Hotelchamp to increase your direct bookings?

Currently, we are running a new project with Hotelchamp where hotel guests will be able to claim a certain advantage on their next stay by booking direct. This way we are targeting hotel guests only and aiming to convert some of the guests to book direct instead of using other channels. Hotelchamp helped us to create a tool to target a specific audience and email this exclusive offer to them.

What results have you seen from working with Hotelchamp?

Recently due to the pandemic, we needed to provide different offers to different markets. Due to the changing measures, we needed to come up with new offerings and that's why we also built multiple campaigns via Hotelchamp to communicate these messages. The most successful offer we created was The Grand Beach theme in the courtyard of our hotel that both the domestic market and hotel guests loved the new experience which is curated in line with the COVID-19 measures. The Grand Beach became the place to be, where locals could enjoy the creative dishes from The Grand's culinary team at a unique outdoor ambience.

To promote this offer we created a new campaign that will attract website visitors to The Grand Beach offer page. This new tool highlighted the USP's of this offer and had a click-through rate of over 30%. Since we were able to connect Hotelchamp with our Google Analytics, we also had the chance to measure how many reservations we received via this tool. The Grand Beach will be back on May 13th 2021 with the new Caribbean theme.

The Grand Beach at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

How has it been working with Hotelchamp?

Hotelchamp has a dedicated team where each role is a professional in their own field. We had easy communication from day 1 and appreciate the quick response times now where we build our strategies together.

The customer support is very strong. I am happy to feel that the Hotelchamp team is working with us to achieve our goals.

What would you tell someone who's considering working with Hotelchamp?

Great tool and customer support—so it's not just the software you get, but also the support of the Hotelchamp team working with you creating solutions.

It is a great product and the tool is evolving with new features. This is also pushing us forward to reconsider our new investment plans and strategies to stay competent and compatible with the tool.

Find out more about how we can help you increase your direct bookings and get closer to your guests here.

May 3, 2021
Written by
Cansın Tuna