Travellers spend a long time doing research and planning for their trips. As a result, the buyer journey for the average travel consumer becomes very complex. In fact, the average accommodation purchase journey lasts 36 days and involves 45 different touchpoints. With that said, it is no wonder that the travel industry has an average cart abandonment rate of over 80%.

Over 50% of consumers abandon their cart after seeing the final price. However, nearly 90% say they would consider returning to the booking. And as Eden Hotels learned, guests are willing to give out their contact information in exchange for an incentive to return to the booking. We look at how they successfully converted leaving guests, while also growing their newsletter subscriber database with the help of one message.

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What was Eden Hotels’ goal?

Price is the reason over 50% of consumers abandon their carts. This is why, especially for price-sensitive travellers, a price incentive can be great at converting visitors that would otherwise look for better deals elsewhere.

One great way to offer price incentives is by sending discount vouchers to guests’ email addresses. Through email remarketing, you can get better marketing results by capturing and using information about guests in personalised email campaigns. In fact, for hoteliers, not using email remarketing is one of the biggest mistakes that will bring your conversion down.

Eden Hotels were looking to capture potential guests abandoning the booking engine of their luxurious The Manor, Amsterdam property’s website. To also grow their email database, they decided to offer a 15% discount voucher in exchange for guests’ email addresses.

How did Hotelchamp help?

Eden Hotels crafted a compelling website exit message encouraging newsletter sign-ups in exchange for a 15% off discount voucher. This exchange is very powerful comes, as it brings great benefits for both the hotel and the guests. Hotels can grow their newsletter subscriber database, and use email remarketing to nurture guest relationships. For potential guests, a price benefit reduces the barrier for first-time purchases. As a result, the price-sensitive website visitors that would otherwise abandon their purchase can now be converted into paying customers. Later, guests that had a pleasant stay are more likely to return without being offered a price incentive.

Using Hotelchamp Convert’s targeting features, the message was only triggered in the booking engine for visitors that have not yet booked with The Manor, Amsterdam. The booking engine is a great place to display a newsletter sign-up message. This is because guests visiting the booking engine already have a high intention to book. On top of that, they are further in the relationship with the hotel, and thus more willing to give out their contact information.

A website message encouraging newsletter sign-ups in exchange for a discount voucher
The compelling website message encourages newsletter sign-ups in exchange for a 15% off discount voucher.

The message was also only targeted towards leaving visitors—those about to leave the page or close the browser tab. With a pre-existing high intention to book, this message gives one last push for indecisive visitors. To not pile up discounts, the message would only be triggered for visitors that did not already have a voucher in use. Lastly, to maintain a pleasant browsing experience and not overwhelm the visitors, the message would only show up once per session.

What results did Eden Hotels see?

The exit message Eden Hotels crafted proved to be very effective in providing an incentive to book for leaving visitors. With a high click-through rate of nearly 12%, the message successfully reached the right audience of price-sensitive travellers who were willing to give out their contact information in exchange for a price benefit. As expected, the discount also proved to be a compelling way to change leaving visitors’ minds. Over the span of one month, it generated outstanding results—converting over 22.6% of the visitors that have clicked on the message.

These amazing results show the willingness of guests to exchange their contact information for a price benefit. Moreover, they show the importance of having incentives for guests that need one last push before being ready to book. Eden Hotels have now not only converted leaving visitors but also increased their email database. Now, they can nurture these website visitors and convert them into paying guests in the future.

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Download case study PDF ›

Jan 4, 2023
Written by
Hotelchamp Team