Seasonal changes bring about the expected fluctuations in occupancy rates. Coming out of peak demand seasons, a transition towards weekend stays is expected. On the bright side, this transition also brings about more spontaneity. It makes room for offers that can nudge potential guests in the right direction and help your hotel’s occupancy rates. We look at how Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa increased their summer mid-week occupancy rates and how to apply this strategy across different seasons.

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What challenge was Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa facing?

Seasonality affects some hotels more than others. Some seaside resorts benefit from all-year-round warm weather, while others struggle to fill their rooms as soon as summer ends. Similarly, a beautiful farmhouse like Last Drop Village Hotel’s, with a range of saunas and steam rooms can be the ideal stay in the autumn/winter season. However, it can also struggle with occupancy during hot summer days when the masses are looking for ways to cool down, or sunny days at the beach. To offset the impact of seasonality on their occupancy rates, Last Drop Village Hotel’s goal was to increase their mid-week bookings.

How did Hotelchamp help?

Step 1. Put together a strong offer

Convincing guests to change their preferred stay times can be a hard task. However, offering the right benefits, can steer guests in the right direction. To incentivise mid-week bookings, Last Drop Village Hotel put together a convincing offer. This included accommodation, a two-course dinner at their restaurant, a full English breakfast, a glass of prosecco, use of their spa facilities and a £10 voucher to use during their stay. Only available from Monday through Thursday, this strong offer also brings attention to the hotel’s facilities and F&B offer. This positively influences guest satisfaction and drives further revenue for the hotel.

A welcome message encouraging mid-week bookings.
The welcome message encouraged mid-week bookings with a wide range of booking benefits.

Step 2. Create a compelling message

Using Hotelchamp Convert, Last Drop Village Hotel put together a welcome message for the homepage of their website. As the first thing that guests see when they enter the website, this message displayed the full offer, its conditions, price and a clear ‘Book Now’ button. This message is straightforward, clear and comprehensive, answering all the questions that guests may have about the offer. As such, it reduces the need for additional support. Moreover, it streamlines the booking experience for the guests, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

What results did Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa see?

In the span of 3 months, this message was seen nearly 18,000 times. As expected, the benefits provided were a strong incentive that captivated potential guests, so much so that nearly 12% clicked on this message. It was also highly converting, as nearly 5% of visitors were converted into paying guests. As a result of this message, Last Drop Village Hotel successfully increased the number of mid-week bookings coming directly through their website. In addition, they also raised awareness of their spa and F&B offers, ultimately improving the guests’ experience.

As seasons change, your hotel doesn’t have to take a hit. Crafting clear and enticing messages for your website can help you incentivise potential guests to change their date preferences. To take advantage of your well-curated offer, they will be more likely to book a mid-week stay.

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Download case study PDF ›

Sep 28, 2022
Written by
Hotelchamp Team