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How to use direct booking benefits to convince guests to book direct

Direct booking benefits are a great incentive for your guests to book direct. Learn how to pick the right ones for your hotel.

How to get started with Google Hotel Ads (GHA)

Google Hotel Ads is the fastest-growing metasearch engine across all regions. Being on Google Hotel Ads is now a must. Run a successful GHA campaign with these 7 tips.
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4 simple ways to get bargain hunters to book direct

Price sensitivity influences a large number of guests when choosing a hotel. Use these 4 techniques to get bargain hunters to book directly without damaging your rates.
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Is the price comparison on your website really adding value?

Thinking of placing a price comparison on your hotel website? We look at the unexpected dos and don’ts of the price comparison.
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How hotels can bring in revenue without selling dates

Learn how to address guest uncertainty and implement strategies to bring in direct revenue.
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How hoteliers can navigate a demand shock during a crisis

We’ve taken a look at what’s happened in the past, and what hoteliers can learn from these previous demand shocks.