Lower your distribution cost

Increase your hotel's visibility on Google Hotel Ads and all relevant metasearch platforms. Attract highly qualified traffic, improve conversions and lower your distribution costs.

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Examples of hotel metasearch results on Tripadvisor, Trivago, Kayak and Google Hotels

Be where your guest is

97% of travellers have used metasearch to find a hotel. Be visible as your guests get ready to book.

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A mobile device with an example of a hotel search that appears when a hotel uses metasearch

Effectively cut distribution costs

The average cost per booking on Google Hotel Ads is 9.5%. How do your OTAs compare to that?

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An example of hotel and metasearch results Google

Zero, nil, nada work for you

Select your advertising channels and monthly budget—our automated bidding platform and trained experts will do the rest.

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An example of how budget limits can be set for different metasearch channels

Easy budget allocation and cost control

Maintain full control over cost and performance. Have peace of mind by setting your maximum distribution cost, spending caps and time-based budgets.

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A live chat example that demonstrates the high level of service that Hotelchamp offers

Outstanding service

We are known for the experience customers have with us. Together with our team, run impactful campaigns and learn the ropes of successful online advertising.

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It’s in the details

Hotelchamp Metasearch is here to make your direct channel your strongest—significantly decrease your spend on commission and build a recurring relationship with your guests.

Elevate your conversion rate

Personalise your guest's booking experience and increase conversions even further with Hotelchamp Convert.

Highly qualified, ready to book traffic

Traffic from metasearch is 3 times more likely to convert on your page than other channels.

Your shift to direct

Make direct your most powerful distribution channel and become more independent from OTAs.

Protect your brand

Travellers searching for you shouldn't land on OTA's but on your website. Your hotel will be at the top of Google or Bing search results thanks to paid ads.

In-depth reporting & analytics

Review ad performance, return on investment and cost per booking at a glance with in-depth reporting and analytics.

Our success depends on yours

The success of our work directly relates to the impact you see. We only charge a performance fee.

Intelligent ad targeting

Target the travellers who are most likely to book. Maximise conversion with data-based bid modifiers and geo-targeting.

Lightspeed connectivity

Displaying correct rates is pivotal for your success on metasearch. We've got your back with over 150 booking engine partners and our proprietary connectivity hub.

"Since we first started using Hotelchamp, we have found the help and support from them excellent."
Anthony Rawlings, Dolan Hotels

More ways to use Hotelchamp

Hotelchamp Convert

Create personalised website experiences. Tailor your hotel website to your guests, show them why they should book with you and convert them on your direct channel.

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Hotelchamp Blog

Read up on the latest news in hospitality and your direct channel, as well as best practices from other hoteliers—all focussed on helping you get closer to your guests.

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