In the third instalment of our Customer Stories series, Hayley Colley from Future Inns UK explains the problems that they were facing before using Hotelchamp and how using Hotelchamp solutions helped solve them.

Who are you and how would you define your hotel?

I am Hayley Colley, Head of Revenue Development for Future Inns UK. We have two hotels in the South West of England and one in Wales. We offer upscale accommodation with comfort and convenience at affordable prices.

What challenges did you face before using Hotelchamp?

We were facing an increasing amount of bookings being received via our OTA partners. Our brand website traffic was fairly healthy however we wished to improve conversion. We value our relationship with our OTA partners, however, we wanted to focus on converting our website visits into bookings along with increasing incremental revenue pre-booked via the website.

How has it been working with Hotelchamp since the beginning—from the moment of your request to the implementation and until today?

The team at Hotelchamp have been very attentive from the initial implementation right through our partnership with them. The team is very knowledgeable and takes the time to review our needs and make valuable suggestions for maximising the many interactions on offer.

Why did you decide to work with Hotelchamp?

Hotelchamp offers the exact interactions and technology we were looking for to help conversion such as the OTA price comparison. This was one of the main features we were looking for at the time and which has really impacted our conversion rate. We are also using many of the other interactions Hotelchamp offers to collectively assist in improving our website conversion.

A mobile and desktop example of the Future Inns UK price comparison
Future Inns UK uses the price comparison on both mobile and desktop.

How do you use Hotelchamp to increase your direct bookings?

We take full advantage of the interactions available to us on our website along with on our booking engine. The OTA price comparison interaction is valuable as it reduces the need for website visitors to shop around for the best rate. Floating interactions with calls to action help funnel website visitors through to our booking engine and smart notifications help to provide social proof by displaying review scores and also increase urgency which mirrors similar tactics that OTA are using.

We use the interactions to also promote specific campaigns through the seasons such as just recently our Staycation campaign which is highlighting our USPs for domestic staycations that are in high demand as we recover from the COVID -19 Pandemic.

What results have you seen from working with Hotelchamp?

We have seen an increase in our look to book ratio and ultimately an increase in our conversion of website traffic.

The Future Inns UK Staycation offer is promoted on their website using Hotelchamp technology.

What has made you the happiest about working with Hotelchamp?

The team is always on hand to help and also provide valuable suggestions for maximising our subscription. The monthly reporting offers a detailed analysis of the interactions which is very interesting and helps evaluate the impact of each interaction. Hotelchamp offers great training for their interaction builders so hoteliers have full control of editing all interactions at any time. The system is extremely user friendly.

What would you tell someone who's considering working with Hotelchamp?

I would certainly recommend Hotelchamp, the customer service is excellent and the software seems to always be evolving to benefit their clients.

I very much look forward to continuing working with Hotelchamp, particularly as we navigate our way out of the pandemic to restrengthen our brand website and assure our guests of the comfort, value and convenience of our hotels.

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Sep 2, 2021
Written by
Cansın Tuna