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VAYA Resorts Partners With Hotelchamp To Personalise Guest Experience and Boost Revenue

Hotelchamp’s partnership with VAYA Resorts expands to 17 property websites and the main chain website after a successful initial partnership with the Vaya Fieberbrunn property.

Hotelchamp Product Updates October: Making it even easier for you to increase your direct bookings

We’ve released a big update to make it even easier for you to increase your direct bookings. Dive in to see what’s new with the Hotelchamp Platform.

Hotelchamp Offers Hotels The Chance To Win A Brand New Website To Help Strengthen Their Direct Channel

Hotelchamp announces today that hoteliers can enter into the draw to win a brand new, conversion optimised website built for their hotel, including free access to Hotelchamp eCommerce for 1 year.

Hotelchamp Launches Online Stores for Hotels And A New Library Of Conversion Optimised Hotel Website Templates

Hotelchamp has launched an online store feature that allows hoteliers to generate instant revenue by easily selling vouchers, experiences or merchandise on a highly converting storefront.

Cross Hotels & Resorts partners with Hotelchamp to build their new and improved website

Cross Hotels & Resorts launches their new website, built with Hotelchamp eCommerce—"the game-changer for hoteliers".

Hotelchamp partners with The Langham, Sydney to enhance guest experience and increase direct revenue

Hotelchamp’s partnership with Langham Hospitality Group expands to 11 hotels with the recent addition of The Langham, Sydney.