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How to set up a last-minute Mother's Day campaign for your hotel

Help your guests reconnect with their loved ones with a well-crafted Mother’s Day campaign. Learn how to easily set up last-minute messaging on your website.

What Google's removal of commission-based bidding (CPA) means for your hotel

Google is phasing out the usage of their commission-based bidding models. Here's what that means for your hotel.
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How To Choose The Best Social Media Platform For Your Hotel

Using resources without a strategy is a gamble. Find out what social media platforms your hotel should invest in. Plus, how to craft stories for the biggest social channels.
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7 Key Features Your Online Booking Engine Needs to Have

Looking to upgrade your existing booking engine or select your first one? Here are the features that make a booking engine ideal, and why they matter.
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8 Hotel Marketing Trends To Boost Your Hotel's Campaigns in 2024

Discover how to captivate modern travellers with the 2024 top hotel marketing trends—from immersive AR/VR tours to impactful influencer partnerships.

Customer Stories: Increasing direct bookings and nurturing guest relationships with Empire Riverside Hotel Hamburg

Marilena Niemeyer from Empire Riverside Hotel Hamburg explains how the collaboration with Hotelchamp made creating and nurturing guest relationships easier.
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11 Travel Industry Trends That Hoteliers Need To Be Aware Of For 2024

From video content to Gen Z's impact, sustainability, fan tourism, and AI shaping the future of hospitality—here are the hottest travel industry trends for 2024.

Transform Your Hotel Website with No-Code Inline Messages

No-code inline messages are the game-changer for a seamless user experience on your hotel website. With Hotelchamp's Click-and-Embed, you can now also set them up in minutes.