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VAYA Resorts Partners With Hotelchamp To Personalise Guest Experience and Boost Revenue

Hotelchamp’s partnership with VAYA Resorts expands to 17 property websites and the main chain website after a successful initial partnership with the Vaya Fieberbrunn property.
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The Hotel Marketing Show Podcast #21: The Secret to Building a Strong Brand in the Hotel Industry with Maurice Ajanaku from citizenM hotels

In this episode of The Hotel Marketing Show, we talked with branding expert Maurice Ajanaku, the Global Brand Marketing Director from citizenM hotels about how to build brands that people connect with, remember and love.

Creating Highly Converting Easter Campaigns To Increase Direct Bookings

Easter is a great opportunity for hoteliers to come up with creative ideas to treat their guests to the perfect Easter weekend. Check out our inspiration booklet for highly converting and creative Easter campaigns, recommended by our team of conversion specialists.

5 reasons why hotels should engage with their local community

Your local community is key to becoming more sustainable and pleasing travellers' complex needs. We look at 5 reasons why your hotel should engage with the local community. Plus, we look at tips for hotels to make the best use of local partnerships.
Trends and Insights

The Hotel Marketing Show Podcast #20: Demystifying Revenue Managers with Rebekka Berger from Hotel Okura Amsterdam

In this episode of The Hotel Marketing Show, we talk with Rebekka Berger, Manager of Revenue and Business Performance from Hotel Okura Amsterdam about demystifying the role of Revenue Managers.

A Guide to Sustainability and Social Responsibility for Hotels

Travellers are prioritising sustainability and socially conscious travel more and more. We look at how to ensure your hotel lives up to the standards of eco-conscious travellers. Plus, we look at how to communicate your efforts with your guests in a way that creates trust.

Case Study: How to convert guests all along the booking journey with a cross-device campaign

Most travel purchases happen online, so travellers have plenty of hotel choices—and many of them consider price as an important factor. We look at how a hotel stayed competitive and attracted guests during off-peak months with a 360-degree cross-device campaign.

Kostenloses eBook: Ein Leitfaden fĂĽr Revenue Manager zur Steigerung des Direkt Umsatzes durch Personalisierung

Mit steigenden Betriebskosten und OTA-Kommissionen ist es wichtiger denn je, Ihre Direktumsätze zu erhöhen. Dieses eBook erforscht 6 Strategien zur Steigerung Ihrer Umsätze mit Hilfe von Konversion und Personalisierungstechniken, um Ihre Revenue-Management-Strategien zu verbessern, Direktbuchungen zu erhöhen und Ihre Umsatzziele zu erreichen.