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How to get started with Google Hotel Ads (GHA)

Google Hotel Ads is the fastest-growing metasearch engine across all regions. Being on Google Hotel Ads is now a must. Run a successful GHA campaign with these 7 tips.

5 tips to create a successful Black Friday campaign for your hotel

Black Friday is now one of the biggest events in the hotel industry’s promotional calendar with hotels seeing an increase of over 100% in direct bookings for this holiday weekend. In this blog, you’ll learn how to easily create a successful Black Friday campaign.
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Marketing strategies to increase your hotel’s direct bookings

Marketing your hotel helps you get closer to your guests and increase direct bookings. Incorporate these different strategies into your hotel's marketing plan.

The future of hotel loyalty programs and how to encourage repeat bookings

Guest attitudes towards loyalty programs are changing. Get your loyalty program ready for the future with these tips and learn how they encourage repeat bookings.

A checklist for building and launching your new hotel website

Take the guesswork out of building a new website. This checklist will help you to create and launch a new hotel website successfully.

How to attract and engage the Next-Gen Traveller in a post-pandemic world

Millennials and Gen Z make up the ‘Next-Gen’ demographic. Learn how to attract this group who are vital in the travel industry’s post-pandemic rebound.

6 essential Metasearch tips for hotels

Metasearch is a key part of any strong direct booking strategy. Learn the essentials for making metasearch successful for your hotel.

The Cookie Banner Solution With 95% Active Consent

Only 10% of visitors give consent if you ask them to tick all 3 of the most common cookie boxes. Find out how to increase that number to a huge 95% with our cookie banner solution.