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Free eBook: A Complete Guide to Building and Launching Your New Hotel Website

Building a hotel website used to be a complex, expensive and lengthy process. This eBook covers all you need to build and launch your own accessible, highly converting and mobile-friendly website.

Case Study: Building a hotel website that stands the test of time

Even hotels with a high percentage of direct bookings are defending their hard-earned guests from OTA efforts. We look at how Montboulard refined their story and got a scalable website that can stand the test of time.

Case study: How to offset the impact of seasonality by increasing mid-week occupancy rates

Seasonal changes bring about fluctuations in occupancy rates, with an expected transition towards weekend stays. We look at how a hotel increased their mid-week occupancy rates.

Case Study: How Amrâth Hotels increased direct bookings with multi-touchpoint seasonal offers

To achieve all your marketing goals, it’s crucial to have a holistic messaging approach. Find out how a hotel chain successfully used a multi-message strategy to convert visitors across various touchpoints.

Case Study: How The Langham, London increased direct bookings from first-time visitors

Commissions for bookings from OTAs are bigger and bigger, but both guests and hotels benefit greatly from direct bookings. We look at how The Langham, London communicated in a powerful way their strong benefits for booking direct.

Case Study: The hotel website builder that graphic designers chose

Finca Malvasia needed a full revamp of their website. With Hotelchamp eCommerce, they now have a "good quality, good looking site that was SEO compatible”.

Case Study: How The Langham, Chicago generated $30k in additional revenue in 2 months with one simple message

Restrictions are being lifted in certain places, and hotels can safely reopen all of their amenities. This brings the opportunity for additional revenue from upsells and add-ons. We look at how a luxury hotel used personalised messaging to bring awareness to their newly reopened Club Lounge.

Case Study: Fun and easy: “The game-changing” website builder for hoteliers

Cross Hotels & Resorts wanted to create a new website that they could easily design, build and control. Hotelchamp eCommerce empowered them to do that.

Case Study: Generating 1200 email sign-ups during a downturn

Email is a powerful way to nurture and communicate with potential guests. In 9 months, we helped one client get 1200 new subscribers. Find out how in this case study.
Trends and Insights

Free ebook: 7 Strategies to Convert Metasearch Traffic

Your conversion rate is key for managing metasearch spend.  In this ebook, you'll learn how to optimise your website for converting metasearch traffic.
Trends and Insights

Free ebook: A Hotelier’s Reopening Playbook

Get all the tips and tricks for a successful reopening for your hotel. Download this ebook now.

A checklist for building and launching your new hotel website

Take the guesswork out of building a new website. This checklist will help you to create and launch a new hotel website successfully.

Case Study: The strategy that generated over €30K of direct revenue

In 3 months, we helped generate over €30K of direct revenue for Royal Crescent Hotel. In this case study, learn about the strategy behind this success.

Case study: How optimising retargeting emails helps the leaky booking funnel

The journey of converting website visitors into hotel guests can be a challenging one. Our team analysed a sample of hotels and shared the learnings to address the leaky booking funnel.

Case Study: Capture up to 20x more emails

In this case study, we compared the results of different email capture messages. We also share our top tips for increasing newsletter sign-ups and conversion.

Case Study: Increasing occupancy using unique offers

In this case study, we focus on how one of our partners sold 60 rooms in less than 2 days using a unique offer and a multi-channel promotional strategy.