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12 travel industry trends that hoteliers need to be aware of for 2022

Looking ahead to 2022, it will still be a year of ups and downs. Get ahead with our 12 trends for 2022—find out what these mean for hoteliers, plus insights from our team.

A checklist for building and launching your new hotel website

Take the guesswork out of building a new website. This checklist will help you to create and launch a new hotel website successfully.

Case Study: The strategy that generated over €30K in direct revenue

In this Case Study, we look at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa and how communicating the right information impacts conversion rates and turns visitors into guests.

How to attract and engage the Next-Gen Traveller in a post-pandemic world

Millennials and Gen Z make up the ‘Next-Gen’ demographic. Learn how to attract this group who are vital in the travel industry’s post-pandemic rebound.

The Cookie Banner Solution With 95% Active Consent

Only 10% of visitors give consent if you ask them to tick all 3 of the most common cookie boxes. Find out how to increase that number to a huge 95% with our cookie banner solution.
Trends and Insights

How Mobile-Friendly Is Your Website?

Have you ever thought about how your mobile website is perceived by guests? Here are 5 tips to increase your mobile bookings and how to optimise your mobile platform.
Trends and Insights

An introduction to SEO for hotels

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, isn't going anywhere. Learn the fundamentals and key tips to get your hotel's website set up with an SEO strategy.
Trends and Insights

How to increase your hotel’s website traffic

Find out the proven tactics and strategies that can boost your hotel website traffic, with little to no budget, and in little to no time.
Trends and Insights

4 behaviour myths that are stopping guests from booking (and how you can fix it)

Many hotel websites are designed around 4 guest behaviour myths. We’ve busted these, and have the answers to get guests booking on your website.
Trends and Insights

Choosing between a single-page or multi-page website for your hotel

When creating a new website, one of the first decisions will be between a single or multi-page site. Here's what you need to know to make the best choice.
Trends and Insights

5 reasons why your hotel (or hostel) should have a blog

Blogging is more effective at increasing web traffic than social media & SEO. Shockingly, many hotels don't blog. Learn why and how to blog for your hotel.
Trends and Insights

Highly converting websites: A checklist for your hotel’s reopening

A professional, modern, mobile-first website is an absolute must-have for generating direct bookings. We've compiled a checklist of the most important parts of a highly converting website.
Trends and Insights

5 tips to get your hotel website ready for this summer

Many hotels fail to tailor their websites to the season, but every season is different. Here are 5 tips for optimising your website to get the most out of this summer.
Trends and Insights

A Hotelier’s Guide to Curating the Perfect Website Images

Whether you are launching a new website for your hotel or revamping an existing one, here are the imagery best practices that you need to know to put your hotel's best foot forward.
Trends and Insights

Can colour be used to boost your hotel website and drive more conversions?

The concept of colour psychology is a hot topic in art and marketing. Learn how by using colour, you can evoke the right online experience for your guests.
Trends and Insights

Is the price comparison on your website really adding value?

Thinking of placing a price comparison on your hotel website? We look at the unexpected dos and don’ts of the price comparison.
Trends and Insights

Conversational copywriting: how hotels can use it to increase direct bookings

Conversational copywriting is communicating with your visitors authentically. Learn how to use this to appeal to your potential guests and increase your hotel's direct bookings.
Trends and Insights

How hotels can bring in revenue without selling dates

Learn how to address guest uncertainty and implement strategies to bring in direct revenue.