Email is a powerful way to communicate with your guests and build ongoing relationships. As we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, guest communication and staying top of mind for potential guests is essential. A healthy newsletter database can be nurtured into becoming repeat, or even first time guests. It’s a valuable asset for any hotel marketing plan.

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What challenge was our client facing?

A well-known European Hotel chain that we work with came to us with the challenge of wanting to grow their database without taking attention away from booking if that’s what the visitor is already in the process of doing. Growing your subscriber base can feel like a challenge for many hotels but when you already have traffic coming to your website, it’s the perfect time to encourage these potential guests to subscribe.

Throughout the pandemic, many hotels experienced visitors coming to their website but left again without making a purchase. This decrease in booking confidence brought about by the pandemic meant that many traffic acquisition activities were wasted as visitors were leaving without taking any action to remain connected to the hotel.

How did Hotelchamp help?

Our solution was to use a Hotelchamp Convert newsletter sign-up message, targeted to users that were dropping off the booking engine—people that weren’t ready to book just yet. By targeting this specific group who are leaving the booking engine without booking, our client can then nurture their new potential guests and retarget this growing subscriber base with special offers, such as their Black Friday Flash Sale.

The newsletter sign-up message can be personalised with your brand colours and fonts to create a seamless website experience. By using our targeting settings, you can personalise when this message is triggered with factors like URL targeting, persona targeting and behavioural targeting.

An example of what the newsletter sign-up message can look like.

What results did our client see?

In 9 months, this exit message alone generated almost 1200 subscribers, even when shown to only half of their audience due to ongoing A/B testing. This is a huge number of people who otherwise would have just left the hotel website without making a booking and leaving no way for the hotel to get in touch with them again. This message was incredibly effective at allowing the hotel to grow its database during the pandemic when it was harder to sell rooms. By growing their subscriber base, they were able to stay in communication with more potential guests, staying top of mind for when they were ready to make a booking again in the future.

Even without offering an instant discount, this message saw great results. In a previous case study, we looked at the impact of offering an instant discount, and this has the potential to capture up to 20x more email addresses.

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Download case study PDF ›

Feb 4, 2022
Written by
Hotelchamp Team