The travel industry and travellers’ buying behaviours are changing. People are more likely to book their holidays last minute and they favour direct bookings over OTAs. Having a website that ranks well on search engines and can be adapted quickly to demand is now crucial. A hard-coded, outdated website can easily make you fall behind your competition. As Finca Malvasia found out, it’s not hard to keep up with industry expectations when partnering with Hotelchamp. Together they created a “good quality, good looking site that was SEO compatible”, says Richard Norse, Co-founder of Finca Malvasia.

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What challenge were Finca Malvasia facing?

Finca Malvasia are a collection of stylish vineyard apartments, suites and a villa situated just 10 minutes away from the beach in Spain’s wine region Lanzarote. However, the stylish aesthetics of the property didn’t translate into the digital space. Finca Malvasia needed a complete revamp of their website. It was outdated, not mobile-friendly and because of that, it also struggled to rank well in search engines.

With a background in graphic design, the owners had high standards for the visual aesthetics of their website. They wanted a beautiful website that would represent the design qualities of the hotel, but also function as well as a bespoke website. Understanding the importance of direct bookings, they were not going to let their website’s incompatibility make them miss out on business. And to top it all off, the website needed to go live within a one-month deadline.

A before and after image of the homepage of a website
The Finca Malvasia website has gone through a major improvement.

How did Hotelchamp help?

Finca Malvasia chose Hotelchamp eCommerce to build their new website. “You could see straight away that you could build a good quality, good looking site that was SEO compatible,” says Norse. Besides the “aesthetic quality” of the templates, Norse also liked the freedom Hotelchamp eCommerce gave him “It allowed me to take control of editing the actual look and feel of the site—and being as my background is graphic design—that's quite important.”

With a tight deadline and little time to get familiarised with the platform, the Hotelchamp team was ready to help Finca Malvasia get their website up and running as quickly as possible. Norse says his website building experience went “very well, very quick”. He also praises no-code website builders, where there’s no need to rely on a developer “the speed at which you can build something is much better. (...) There's very little that I've found that I can't do with Hotelchamp and what I haven't been able to do, you guys [Hotelchamp team] have come up with a solution for.”

The Finca Malvasia homepage: Before & After redesigning using Hotelchamp eCommerce.

What was the outcome for Finca Malvasia?

Finca Malvasia have now launched their stylish new website that quickly helped them rank better in search engines and improve their discoverability. With that, they achieved their goal too “I’ve certainly seen an improvement in the number of direct inquiries that we're getting” says Norse. “The world's a bit of an odd place at the moment booking-wise, I think in our experience and from talking to other people in the industry, bookings tend to be coming in much more last minute. The good thing is that now we've got control on a quick basis to change something and immediately make an effect, like adding special offers and last minute availability.”

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Download case study PDF ›

Aug 4, 2022
Written by
Hotelchamp Team