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12 travel industry trends that hoteliers need to be aware of for 2022

Looking ahead to 2022, it will still be a year of ups and downs. Get ahead with our 12 trends for 2022—find out what these mean for hoteliers, plus insights from our team.
Trends and Insights

5 reasons why your hotel (or hostel) should have a blog

Blogging is more effective at increasing web traffic than social media & SEO. Shockingly, many hotels don't blog. Learn why and how to blog for your hotel.
Trends and Insights

Conversational copywriting: how hotels can use it to increase direct bookings

Conversational copywriting is communicating with your visitors authentically. Learn how to use this to appeal to your potential guests and increase your hotel's direct bookings.

How your hotel’s food and beverage strategy is your key to recovery

We take a look at how hoteliers can adjust their food and beverage strategies to focus on aiding recovery and setting up for long term success.
Trends and Insights

20 new direct booking benefits for the age of social distancing

To help you entice and entertain guests, the Hotelchamp team has brainstormed some outside-the-box ideas for your new social distancing direct booking benefits.