The idea of building a website from scratch can be quite overwhelming for many hoteliers, especially if there aren’t many technically-savvy employees on your staff. And for a long time, building any type of website was only possible with the help and guidance of a skilled (and usually very expensive) software developer.

Perhaps a few years ago, this may have still been true. Fortunately, website building has become a much more accessible space and is no longer limited to the developer community due to ever-improving no-code tools. When paired with the millions of free resources and tutorials that can be found online, no-code tools can now allow business and creative minds to build and launch their ideas rapidly and much more efficiently.

What is No-Code?

No-code frameworks take the fundamentals of traditional code and translate them into a simple drag and drop solution, which allows any type of creator to build modern apps and websites visually. Even mobile app projects can be created and edited by dragging and dropping different components and utilizing various pre-built templates.

When you choose to use a no-code platform to build your website, you are, indeed, building with code without having to do any actual coding. The drag-and-drop elements you use to build your hotel’s website have been created for reusability and scaling. With no code, you have the power to define what the website does rather than how it does it and your business managers can focus on the overall logic rather than worrying about the specifics of the build.

Having the ability to quickly drag-and-drop every element of a website together and instantly see how it will look on different devices allows you to manage your data easily and make lightning-fast changes. In short, no-code tools allow business managers and content creators to lead digital transformation efficiently, speed up the website building process, and save on a large number of costs.

A drag & drop website builder
A drag-and-drop website builder helps you to instantly see how your website will look on different devices and make lightning-fast changes.

Who is No-Code For

No-code tools give your less technical creators the ability to see their ideas come to life, regardless of what their expertise or experience is. Whether it’s allowing designers to take ownership of an entire website build, allowing business managers the freedom to control and manage content, or saving on costs in developer hours, no-code tools can empower everyone in your organization. These platforms are typically best for businesses that require simple, out-of-the-box solutions with little to no customization.

Anyone who has ever had to manage a project of any scale knows that the more people involved in the delivery, the more difficult and delayed the execution can become. This isn’t to say that your web projects would be better off without developer help, but that you would be allowed the capacity to hire developers for more complex projects - should you choose to take on a new challenge.

Planning a website

The Benefits of No Code

Thanks to no-code frameworks, smaller teams can move faster than larger ones when it comes to building an online presence and delivering a digital product or service. Even without the help of a developer, no-code platforms place the power of innovation into the hands of the team you currently have.

1. Quicker delivery and increased productivity

As these new platforms eliminate the previous need for coding, your marketers can significantly reduce the time it takes to build web pages and designs. Projects that used to take weeks or months to develop can take now take less than a couple of days with drag and drop builders.

2. Reduction in costs and resources

Website development is notoriously expensive and the hiring of technical people, who also require a higher salary than those in marketing, can be a long and frustrating process. No-code solutions give you a simple way to bypass these money and time-consuming processes and begin your digital projects immediately.

3. Autonomous and changeable

With less overhead costs and dependencies, your content and marketing teams have more freedom to take risks and even run A/B testing on your website. And if something needs to be changed, swapped out, or updated, it can be done by just one person in a matter of hours.

4. Fewer staff dependencies

With much fewer people involved in managing your website build, your marketing and content team can work in a collaborative environment and get things done in a more efficient way. The build process becomes less complicated and seems almost as easy as putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

5. More focus on content

Without having to worry about the technicalities of the project and needing to confirm whether something can be created visually through coding, your team will be able to focus on the quality of the imagery, the messaging in your content, and the overall look and feel of your website.

6. Better customer service

The time and resources you will save by using a no-code platform will allow you to spend more time learning about your website visitors and getting their feedback. This inevitably provides a better online experience that can boost potential bookings because your focus is on their experience rather than logistics.

Website templates
With no-code tools, you can build a website from scratch by choosing from a number of existing website templates.

Get started

Thanks to no-code tools, your writers and marketers can build a website from scratch by choosing from a number of existing website templates. Your team will be able to put together content and design in real-time, without having to wait for a developer to implement changes. Projects like blog publications, landing pages, e-commerce sites, and digital marketing assets can be handled completely by non-technical staff. This means faster website changes and updates and more time to truly focus on your core business.

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Mar 7, 2022
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