Hotelchamp data scientists frequently analyse trends and browsing habits amongst devices. As well as providing an understanding of how guests browse and book their overnight stays, it also provides valuable insight into how to optimise website campaigns and marketing to suit browsing behaviours and devices.

What the data says

Over the past two years, there has been an explosion in website visits on mobile devices. Looking at the numbers in January 2016, mobile represented just 32% of all hotel website sessions, whilst desktop accounted for 54%. Over the course of 2017, mobile overtook desktop sessions for the first time, claiming 48.9% of all traffic – outweighing desktop’s 41%.

Unsurprisingly, Hotelchamp’s data confirms that mobile growth has continued throughout 2018, with mobile sessions representing 52% of total sessions by the end of August. By this point desktop has dwindled to its lowest percentage yet, accounting for just 39% of sessions.

The most dramatic shift though is actually in tablet sessions – having almost halved in the same time period, decreasing significantly from 14.25% in January 2016 to 8.51% in August 2018. Hotelchamp data scientists have also analysed transactions by device to see if purchasing trends were in keeping with overall sessions. Whilst mobile has shown definitive growth, the proportion of transactions are still very weighted towards desktop. Mobile bookings have increased dramatically from 8.3% in January 2016 to 21.8% in August 2018 whilst desktop bookings still account for the majority of transactions – decreasing from 79.4% to 68% in the same period.

Despite its significant drop-off in sessions, tablet showed a relatively mild decrease in transactions, with bookings dropping from 12.2% in January 2016 to 10.14% in August 2018.

What does this mean for your hotel?

According to Google’s research, 55% of travellers felt like they had to consult too many websites before making a decision as they lacked the confidence that they were getting the best deal. Travellers are increasingly researching accommodation on mobile but aren’t booking through mobile. Hoteliers can create mobile-specific tools that inform travellers of the benefits of booking direct, show the USPs of their hotel or offer guests with a voucher.

There are many different ways throughout the customer journey to target and persuade visitors to book direct. Hotelchamp offers a variety of solutions that are excellent ways to convert mobile users to desktop. A perfect example of how Hotelchamp can help to convince your guests to convert to desktop is by using a voucher solution.

Voucher Solution

How does it work?

With seamless website integration, proven results and powerful customisation, Hotelchamp’s Voucher Solution provides hotels with a personal way to build value for website visitors and drive direct bookings. This solution has a more personal approach than a traditional sale or broad discount offer, a voucher leverages the psychological principle of reciprocity. By offering a personalised discount to the individual, a hotel can build the perception that they believe this guest deserves a special price. Feeling valued, the ‘gifting’ of this special discount subconsciously compels guests to reciprocate and so are more likely to book direct.

Why is this happening?

Hotelchamp conversion specialists hypothesise that there are four potential reasons as to why mobile has in increased in numbers of sessions did not lead to a boost in mobile bookings:

  • Mobile on the go

People use mobile on the go, for example when they are travelling or commuting to work. Typically this time spent browsing is more casual browsing or to pass the time – these people are less likely to make such an important decision in these moments. They will take the time to research.

  • Sessions are shorter

When people are on the go, using their phones to research their session time is much shorter than on desktop and more likely to be interrupted e.g. waiting for a bus or train to arrive. Thus sessions are shorter than the average desktop time.

  • Lack of good mobile experiences

Many hotel websites do not provide mobile users with a great experience, which leads to fewer bookings. OTAs have designed their sites for mobile devices and have easy to use mobile applications - 39% of their bookings are made through mobile.

Oct 23, 2018
Trends and Insights
Written by
Hotelchamp Team