A high-performing website that best reflects your brand is a powerful tool that many hotel marketers dream of. However, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare with overblown budgets and extended timelines—not to mention that once the website is built, it’s near impossible to make any changes later on. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way—and as Cross Hotels & Resorts has discovered when partnering with Hotelchamp, it’s actually “fun and easy” to build a new website. In the words of Ratchaya Termsilkanok, Vice President - Revenue & E-commerce at Cross Hotels & Resorts, Hotelchamp eCommerce is “the game changer for hoteliers”.

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What challenge were Cross Hotels & Resorts facing?

Cross Hotels & Resorts, Asia Pacific’s leading hotel operator, needed to improve the quality and performance of their website. Although they had been told by their agency that the website was responsive, it didn’t display well on many devices and had ongoing page speed issues that weren’t able to be resolved. Like many hotels, they found it hard to make any changes and were heavily reliant on an agency—which consumed time and budget, and left them without the control over their direct channel that they desired. They were looking for a solution where they could easily manage the websites for their 21 hotels across five distinct brands—Cross, Cross Vibe, Cross Collection, Lumen, and Away—based in Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia.

How did Hotelchamp help?

Cross Hotels & Resorts decided to use Hotelchamp eCommerce where they could build their own new website. Hotelchampe eCommerce has “user-friendliness, visual editing, responsive quality, cost efficiency and great support,” said Termsilkanok. “All of this is the game-changer for hoteliers who did not possess the technical knowledge to build and design a good website.”

After choosing from the designer template library, the Cross Hotels & Resort team were able to easily customise it using the Hotelchamp eCommerce drag and drop editor. Termsilkanok shared that it was “fun and easy” to use. “The best thing is we can build the website that resonates best with our brand as we know best how our brand speaks.”

Cross Hotels & Resorts website built with Hotelchamp eCommerce
The Cross Hotels & Resorts website was built with Hotelchamp eCommerce.

What was the outcome for Cross Hotels & Resorts?

Now, Cross Hotels & Resorts has launched their new fully responsive, high-performing website. “Apart from better speed and performance, we can change the design, customise any section, add new pages with a different design and much more,” said Termsilkanok. "Basically we can change what we want when we want. This is very powerful for us amidst the fast-moving business environment. The old CMS model cannot compete with this flexibility from the web builder. We truly believe that our new website will improve conversion up to 40%.”

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Download case study PDF ›

Mar 8, 2022
Written by
Hotelchamp Team