Hotels are using informative COVID-19 messaging on their websites to keep guests up to date. They are keen to reassure anxious guests and communicate essential information. But are website visitors seeking this information, and is it important to your potential guests?

We took a deeper look at these COVID-19 Alerts and whether people interact with them, plus examples of how these campaigns can be implemented. View the video below.

Time to watch: 6 minutes

Key learnings:

  • Website visitors are very interested in these messages, with an average CTR of 11.7% (several times higher than normal message engagement)
  • 25% of all bookers clicked on a COVID-19 informative message
  • There are many different ways to communicate your COVID-19 updates depending on the situation your hotel is in
  • For luxury hotels, you might want to add a personal touch by adding a message from the GM or MD
  • Focus on reassuring people who are looking to book in the future, but also people who have already booked an upcoming stay
  • Don’t forget mobile–most people collect information on mobile

If you would like to set up your own informative message campaign on your website, send a message to If you are a Hotelchamp customer, go to the Template Library and use the filter ‘Crisis Campaign’ to find these informative message templates.

Apr 29, 2020
Written by
Hotelchamp Team