The digital space has huge amounts of noise—and some hotels might find it difficult to make their voice heard amongst the crowd. When you compete with numerous hotels that not only offer great deals but also boast unique websites, you need to find a way to make sure you’re the one potential guests pick.

At Hotelchamp, we’ve always focused on bringing hoteliers closer to their guests—and we’re forever working towards making it easier and easier for you to bring more attention to your direct channels. This is why, as of today, we’ve released a big update to make it even easier for you to increase your direct bookings.

Dive in to see what’s new with the Hotelchamp Platform.

A fresh look and feel

With this release, one of the first noticeable changes is the look and feel of the Platform. With new colours, fonts and icons, the Platform’s modern design also makes it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Aside from a better overview of all the functionalities available in your Hotelchamp subscription, we’ve also added new pages like “Integrations” which will help you manage 3rd party products and integrations, such as TrustYou and Google Analytics.

Automatic syncing of leads to your CRM

Emails are a great way to stay in touch with your guests. You can share useful information with them, thank and welcome them and offer upcoming specials. With so much to keep in mind, we’re making it easier to collect leads and grow your email database.

With this release, you will be able to enable the automatic syncing of email leads to your CRM, like Mailchimp, Revinate and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With automatic syncing, you can start nurturing these potential guests right away—making the most of the precious time while they’re researching, evaluating and making a decision about where to stay.

Screenshot of the new Integrations page
You can now automatically sync your email leads to your CRM.

Intuitive Interaction Builder

Hotelchamp Convert’s Interaction Builder helps you display targeted messages on your website, which are designed to convert your visitors into paying guests. The updated Hotelchamp Platform brings you a redesigned Interaction Builder, with a more intuitive flow and user-friendly interface. Through a sidebar, you can now make easier edits to your Interactions enabling clearer visualisations of your Interactions.

A gif of the updated Interaction builder being controlled through a side bar
The redesigned Interaction Builder has a more intuitive flow and user-friendly interface.

Easier personalisation and audience targeting

Your guests expect a personalised experience both in-person and online. In fact, over 70% of people now expect a personalised experience and even more are frustrated when they don’t have one. If your guests aren’t getting the personalised experience they desire on your website, they’re not going to hesitate to look somewhere else.

The good news is that it’s now easier than ever for you to create a personalised experience for your guests. We’ve redesigned the Personalisation step of Interaction building to make it easier to choose from best practice audiences built by our team. Not only that, but you can now also set up personalisation settings without creating and saving a new audience, which is helpful for your one-off campaigns.

We know that complex targeting settings can be difficult to set up, so with the new, clearer visualisation of audience targeting policies and groups, it is now easier for you to target even the most unique and sophisticated guest groups and segments.

A walkthrough of how the audience targeting policies and groups are visualised.
It is now even easier for you to target even the most sophisticated guest segments.

Improved reporting

Clear and accurate data goes a long way in helping you make better data-driven decisions and adjusting your strategy to improve conversion. We’re improving the way we display your results to highlight the most important metrics to help you measure your direct channels. You’ll notice new metrics are now being displayed on the homepage of the platform, including revenue generated by your Interactions and the engagement with these too.

With this release, if you’re a part of a chain, you will now be able to receive reports and view analytics on an overall chain view and per-property level also.

For any questions about this release, please contact our team via live chat.

Hotelchamp is the easy way to get your hotel online, attract highly converting traffic and encourage guests to book directly. With solutions that allow you to have full control of your online presence, Hotelchamp is here to help you take back control of the guest experience.

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Oct 4, 2022
Written by
Hotelchamp Team