Hotelchamp is pleased to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Hotel Sacher. Utilising one of the industry's favourite Direct Booking tools, Hotelchamp Convert, the three Hotel Sacher properties aim to personalise the guest experience on their website and compete against OTAs.

“With ever-increasing competition through OTAs, we were looking for a tool to help us increase our conversion on our own website. From the first sales pitch, we were convinced that Hotelchamp would be able to help us achieve this goal, by assisting us with personalising our webpage,”

“The integration process was very easy and the whole system is very intuitive. We are very impressed by the quick help we always receive from customer support for any questions we have. We have already seen some great results in the two months we have been working with Hotelchamp and are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the future,” says Nicole Jellinek, E-Commerce & Distribution Manager at Hotel Sacher.

After achieving impressive ROI results for campaigns for Hotel Sacher Vienna and Hotel Sacher Salzburg, the third Sacher property, Seefeld-Tirol, has joined the partnership and has already taken advantage of Hotelchamp’s team expert campaign recommendations.

“We are thrilled to embark on our journey with Hotelchamp, eagerly anticipating the benefits it will bring. Their exceptionally friendly customer service ensured a smooth and seamless implementation process, and we are confident it will enhance the guests’ interaction and experience on our website,” says Margaretha Albrecht, Assistant to the General Manager at Alpine Resort Sacher Seefeld Tirol.

Renowned for unparalleled service and prime locations, Hotel Sacher offers luxurious accommodations throughout Austria. With a diverse array of room types and categories, Hotel Sacher caters to every guest's needs—whether they reside in a signature suite or just stop in for a slice of the famous Original Sacher-Torte. Featuring elegantly appointed furnishings, exquisite wellness facilities, and gourmet experiences in their renowned restaurants, the Sacher hotels pay careful attention to detail and provide exceptional service—keeping a personal and familiar touch throughout.

With extensive targeting possibilities, Hotelchamp Convert is the ideal solution for offering a personalised digital experience that reflects Sacher’s immaculate on-site offering. As a result of Sacher’s partnership with Hotelchamp, they can now create a truly personalised journey for their guests using intent-based personalisation, CRM data-layer targeting, guest profile, behavioural targeting and more. On top of that, by using Hotelchamp’s conversion-focused message templates, Sacher can inform and engage with their guests to encourage direct bookings and stay competitive against OTAs.

Hotelchamp is the easy way to get your hotel online, attract highly converting traffic and encourage guests to book directly. With solutions that allow you to have full control of your online presence, Hotelchamp is here to help you take back control of the guest experience. With Hotelchamp, everybody wins.

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Jun 26, 2024
Written by
Hotelchamp Team