The world has gone digital. With travellers able to compare hundreds of hotels at the click of a button, hoteliers face unprecedented competition. As a result, the pressure to optimise direct channel revenues and avoid OTA commissions is bigger than ever. To navigate this competitive landscape effectively, it’s crucial to have access to precise, actionable data. Not only to understand where you stand in the market—but also to make informed decisions that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Unlock market insights with Hotelchamp's Market Analyser

At Hotelchamp, our mission is to help hoteliers take back control of their direct channel. And we believe that being able to make data-driven strategic decisions is key to that. That’s why we’re launching Hotelchamp’s new Market Analyser—the key to unlocking new levels of insights.

The power of data at your fingertips

With Hotelchamp’s Market Analyser, you can get insights into how your hotel’s direct channel is performing against others in your market. Evaluate every step of your conversion funnel—from the moment guests land on your website, all the way through to bookings and revenue.

Using intuitive and easy-to-understand graphs, you can:

  • Get market insights on key performance metrics
  • Identify problems and opportunities in your guest booking journey
  • Make easier data-driven commercial and revenue management decisions

Looking at your conversion funnel

By looking at website metrics using an intuitive funnel, you can see your performance compared to similar properties in the market. This shows you how you perform at each step of the booking journey at any given time. Plus, you get to understand where traffic is dropping off so you can improve your booking abandonment rate.

You’ll get insights and comparison for metrics like:

  • Website traffic
  • Booking engine traffic
  • Traffic that selected a room
  • Started check-out or the personal details step
  • Bookings, revenue and conversion rate
Hotelchamp Market Analyser tool to boost direct conversion.
The Market Analyser tool evaluates every step of the booking journey.

Website visitors vs. revenue

Available for free with our eCommerce and Convert plans, the Market Analyser doesn’t only look at the conversion funnel. It also provides an analysis of your website visitors and revenue performance.

Graphs from Hotelchamp's Market Analyser.
Besides the conversion funnel, the Market Analyser also looks at your revenue and website visitors.

Whether you’re refining your marketing strategies or evaluating your booking engine’s performance, the Market Analyser serves as your strategic helper. Plus, it uses Google Analytics 4 data and works without Hotelchamp script implementation. As a result, you can rest assured that the Market Analyser provides you with unbiased data.

Ready to transform your hotel's strategy with actionable insights? To find out more about our Convert or eCommerce plans, contact us via live chat or book a demo now.

May 15, 2024
Written by
Hotelchamp Team