Hotel Sacher Partners with Hotelchamp to Personalise Guest Experience on Their Direct Channel

Hotelchamp announces the beginning of a new partnership with Hotel Sacher. Utilising Hotelchamp Convert, the three Hotel Sacher properties aim to personalise the guest experience on their website and compete against OTAs.
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5 Ways Hotels Can Use Generative AI to Improve Their Direct Channel

Generative AI transforms hospitality by enhancing guest experiences, streamlining operations and boosting bookings. Embrace AI to exceed guest expectations and elevate performance.
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A Hotelier's Conversion Masterclass for Direct Booking Success

Welcome to the Masterclass that puts you back in control of your hotel’s story. In just 1 hour across 8 action-packed modules, this masterclass empowers you with the tools and knowledge to captivate your audience and increase conversions on your direct channel.
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Top 5 Reasons for Booking Engine Abandonment and How to Fix Them

Booking engine abandonment is a major challenge for hotels. Discover the top 5 reasons guests abandon bookings and effective fixes to boost conversions.

Introducing Hotelchamp Market Analyser to Empower Data-Driven Decisions

Travellers can compare hundreds of hotels at the click of a button. It’s crucial to have access to precise, actionable data to stay competitive. Learn more about Hotelchamp's new Market Analyser—the key to unlocking new levels of insights.
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How fan and event tourism can be a gold mine for hoteliers

Fan and event tourism are booming, offering hoteliers a golden opportunity. Discover strategies to attract passionate travellers and turn your hotel into their ideal destination.
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The 10 best ways to ask for reviews

It's essential to know how your guests feel about your service so that you can change, tweak or improve it to better suit their needs. Read our list of best ways to ask your guests for reviews.

Exploring the Future of Hospitality with Kristian Valk, CEO and Founder of Hotelchamp

In the series "Hospitality Influencers", provides insights into the future of hospitality through interviews with individuals shaping the industry. Read the interview of Kristian Valk, Founder and CEO of Hotelchamp.