A Hotel Marketers Introduction To Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

In 2023, Google will be sunsetting Universal Analytics and switching to GA4. Find out how you can get your hotel ready for this big change to Google Analytics and your website tracking.

Case Study: How The Langham, Chicago generated $30k in additional revenue in 2 months with one simple message

Restrictions are being lifted in certain places, and hotels can safely reopen all of their amenities. This brings the opportunity for additional revenue from upsells and add-ons. We look at how a luxury hotel used personalised messaging to bring awareness to their newly reopened Club Lounge.
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7 eCommerce Tips for Hotels to Increase Conversion

Your website must be performing at its best because it is the first touchpoint interested guests see, but it's not your whole online presence. To move closer to your ultimate goal—turning online browsers into active customers—you need to improve your eCommerce setup.
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7 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2022

New technologies and platforms are emerging. It's crucial to keep up and know where your guests are to ensure the right audience sees your hotel. Here are 7 hotel marketing trends for 2022 to help you concentrate your efforts.
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9 effective ways to improve the guest experience

Guest experience—before, during and after their stay—is crucial for encouraging your visitors to return. Here are 9 effective ways to improve the experience for your guests.

The Future of Hotel Loyalty Programs and How to Encourage Repeat Bookings

Guest attitudes towards loyalty programs are changing. Get your loyalty program ready for the future with these tips and learn how they encourage repeat bookings.
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5 tips to get your hotel website ready for this summer

Many hotels fail to tailor their websites to the season, but every season is different. Here are 5 tips for optimising your website to get the most out of this summer.

Airbnb announces major changes to reflect how travellers' behaviour has changed

Traveller behaviour has changed over the past couple of years. Airbnb has recently announced major changes to reflect this. Here's what these changes mean.