Case Study: How Future Inns Hotels attracted last-minute direct bookings with flexible offers

Flexibility has been a hot topic for the travel industry since the pandemic. We look at how Future Inns Hotels communicated their highly flexible offer, generating outstanding results for their campaign.

How to Create a Last-Minute Black Friday Campaign for Your Hotel

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are significant opportunities for hotels to take advantage of bargain-hunting travellers. Find out how to quickly create a last-minute Black Friday campaign that increases urgency and converts your bargain-hunting website visitors.
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Free eBook: A Complete Guide to Building and Launching Your New Hotel Website

Building a hotel website used to be a complex, expensive and lengthy process. This eBook covers all you need to build and launch your own accessible, highly converting and mobile-friendly website.

What to Include in Your Hotel’s Brand Guide

A strong, consistent brand identity builds trust with your customers and brings you more revenue. With a brand guide, you can narrow your design to a particular look and feel, and make quick and deliberate design decisions. We look at what you should include in your brand guide.

Case Study: Building a hotel website that stands the test of time

Even hotels with a high percentage of direct bookings are defending their hard-earned guests from OTA efforts. We look at how Montboulard refined their story and got a scalable website that can stand the test of time.

What hoteliers need to know for the festive season

Many shoppers will be online shopping this festive season. Hoteliers can tap into this increased digital holiday shopping. In this blog, we look at how you can appeal to these shoppers and make the most of the festive season.

Hotelchamp Product Updates October: Making it even easier for you to increase your direct bookings

We’ve released a big update to make it even easier for you to increase your direct bookings. Dive in to see what’s new with the Hotelchamp Platform.

Case study: How to offset the impact of seasonality by increasing mid-week occupancy rates

Seasonal changes bring about fluctuations in occupancy rates, with an expected transition towards weekend stays. We look at how a hotel increased their mid-week occupancy rates.