Communicating with potential guests is an incredibly important part of driving direct bookings. Sharing important updates, highlighting special direct booking benefits and building a relationship. A strong email database is a key part in continuing to build this guest relationship after they leave your website. To help you increase your email capture success, we analysed weeks of Email Capture data. We share our 5 key learnings to help grow your email database in the video below.

Time to watch: 6 minutes

Key learnings to increase email capture success:

  • Combine an offer with your email capture tool. Data from our recent Case Study on Email Capture messaging has shown that tools with an offer, out-perform those without an offer.
  • You don’t need to invent new offers every time. Repurpose current hotel resources for your offers, for example, free late check-out, free room upgrade.
  • Highlight the face value of your offers. If a visitor knows that a free room upgrade is normally worth €20, this offer has more value to them, even though the cost to the hotel isn’t actually this much.
  • Offer the discounts you have on OTAs through your own email vouchers too. If you are using’s Genius discount program, you should offer this same discount on your own website too. A great way to highlight this is using the email vouchers through Email Capture tools.
  • Avoid confusion. Clearly state the terms and conditions for your guests and make sure your internal teams are aware of the vouchers you’re offering. This will mean a good end result for everyone.

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Jun 18, 2020
Trends and Insights
Written by
Remco Schut