There’s a lot of talk at the moment about how people will travel in the future. Some experts suggest that travellers will avoid the cities and head to the countryside for their holidays. But is this happening already?

Joined by Hotelchamp’s Account Executive for UK & Ireland, James Thornton, we took a deeper look at how bookings for city vs. country hotels in the UK market have been affected by COVID-19. Plus, how both types of hotels can appeal to domestic and international travellers. View the video below.

Time to watch: 4 minutes

Key learnings:

  • After the initial lockdown in the UK, country hotels maintained more bookings than city hotels—consumers are more hesitant to visit urban centres.
  • International tourist arrival could fall by up to 80% in 2020 (according to the World Tourism Association)—markets that are less reliant on international travellers will see less of an impact.
  • Hotelchamp clients’ Staycation campaigns have a higher engagement rate than generic offer tools.
  • Personalisation is key. Geo-targeted tools have an even higher engagement (3-5x higher than tools without geo-targeting).
  • Be creative with your offers. Think about what will stand out to domestic travellers, for example, free valet parking or 2-night stay packages.
  • Don’t forget international travellers. Create messaging to appeal to international travellers. Consider long-stay offers or unique food and beverage packages.

If you would like to set up a geo-targeted messaging campaign on your website, send a message to If you are a Hotelchamp customer, go to the Template Library and use the filter ‘Crisis Campaign’ to find Staycation message templates.

May 12, 2020
Written by
Remco Schut