Are you wondering how to increase the sign-up rate for your newsletter? Easy to use tools like Hotelchamp’s Email Capture make it lightning fast to set up an opt-in for your Hotel’s newsletter. However, the opt-in copy of your tool is pretty much up to yourself. And there are deep traps and great high fly learnings.

Lianna Patch’s (Punchline Copy) talk on Hotjar Lightningtalks gave some great insights into the best copy out there. Here are our 5 opt-in secrets for you to drive engagement on your website and grow your subscriber base.

5 opt-in copy secrets for more newsletter subscribers
5 opt-in copy secrets for more newsletter subscribers

Our opt-in copy learnings

Lianna uses some do’s and don’t for opt-in copy of which we want to highlight five.

  1. Enticing: Your offer should be tempting. Use an offer like discounting or access to your facilities.
  2. Empathetic: Make your opt-in copy personal, the same way you would at your front desk. Why should your guest sign up to your newsletter, and why this guest specifically?
  3. Eye-catching: Use imagery to make it pop. Text only tools might bring a lot of information to your guest, but are not the easiest to digest and engage with.
  4. Same: Most offers are boring and feel routine. Think about your amenities at your hotels and offer them as a value add while signing up to your newsletter. Do you have a climbing wall or a tennis court on site, which guests can use free of charge. Or is there a regional snack as a small welcome gift.
  5. Selfish: This ties into empathetic, goes an important step beyond. Subscribers are turned away by selfish copy such as “we want to giving you” or a lot of small print in your T&Cs. Use guest focused wording in your opt-in copy to make the right connection with your website visitors and don’t take yourself too serious (look at this crazy bear in the picture!)

In case you want to dive deeper into this. There is more about this topic in our case study about “Capture up to 20X more emails” on your website.

Jun 16, 2020
Trends and Insights
Written by
André Bressel