Sustainability is a crucial topic that is becoming more and more important with travellers but how can hotels adopt meaningful sustainability efforts and avoid falling into the trap of greenwashing? In this episode of The Hotel Marketing Show podcast, we talk with Ursula Fabre-Pilat, Digital Demand Manager at Columbus Hotel Monte-Carlo about the impactful and realistic ways that hotels can approach sustainability and how to get started, one step at a time. Plus, you'll hear how Columbus Hotel Monte-Carlo highlights these initiatives in an authentic way in their marketing, as well as which sustainability activities they don't!

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Key Topics and Time Stamps:

  • Introduction - [0:00]
  • Where has hotel sustainability come from and where is it heading? - [7:20]
  • Is there demand from hotel guests for sustainable travel? - [11:24]
  • How do you balance guest experience and sustainability? - [14:43]
  • What are some meaningful and authentic sustainability actions that hotels can take? - [17:49]
  • How can you communicate sustainability actions to your guests? - [20:34]
  • How can hotels get started with sustainability? - [22:34]
  • What does the future of sustainable travel look like? - [31:12]
  • Key takeaways - [37:33]
  • Conclusion - [39:15]

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Feb 8, 2023
Trends and Insights
Written by
Hotelchamp Team