In’s inspiring "Hospitality Influencers" series, Kristian Valk, CEO and founder of Hotelchamp, shares his visionary outlook on the future of the hospitality industry. The interview dives into how Hotelchamp’s innovative strategies are setting new standards in enhancing hotel guest experiences and direct revenues.

Kristian Valk discusses the origins of Hotelchamp—it was born from the realisation that hotels could significantly improve how they manage direct bookings and interact with guests. On top of that, this also meant reducing their dependence on online travel agencies.

"We knew there was an opportunity to enable hotels to control their future, deliver a good guest experience online, and highlight what makes their property unique," says Kristian Valk.

His approach combines advanced technology with a deep understanding of hospitality needs, aiming to strike a balance between automated solutions and personal service.

Looking ahead, Hotelchamp’s founder is optimistic about the role of technology in hospitality. He predicts smarter integrations that offer guests seamless experiences while still valuing the human touch.

"My vision of technology is less about small bits and pieces, and more about delivering holistic value to hoteliers and their guests," he notes.

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Apr 18, 2024
Written by
Hotelchamp Team