The Analytics Insights are here!

Recently we have been full steam ahead adding new features to your Hotelchamp Dashboard, and are excited today to announce one of our most anticipated releases: the Analytics Insights!

Keep a Close Eye on your Website Statistics

The Overall Statistics section will give you an overview of your KPI’s in real-time, such as the number of visits your website has received, total number of bookings, total revenue your website generated but also your conversion rate and average booking value.

Gain Greater Insights from your Website Performance

In the Overall Trends section, you will have access to insights into website visits trends, bookings, and revenue over time. See your performance growth and the seasonality!

Get to Know your Visitors

With Visitor Info you will be able to have in-depth insights about your website's visitors. Find out which devices have high traffic, identify the percentage of new versus returning visitors as well as their geographical location. In the coming period, we will release a more detailed examination of the conversion rates per device, country and website source.

Hotelchamp Tools' Specific Results

The Tools Overview feature shows you a comprehensive overview of how effective your Hotelchamp tools are working on your website. This feature gives you results on the number of views each tool has, the number of clicks, conversion rates and the number of bookings originated by each tool.

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Aug 21, 2017
Written by
Hotelchamp Team