With the unstoppable increase in mobile traffic, hotel marketers need to focus on the experience of guests visiting their website via smartphones. But is your mobile website ready to do its share when it comes to your direct bookings?

What we know about mobile

Hotelchamp data scientists frequently analyse trends and browsing habits amongst devices. Our data shows that Mobile sessions on hotel websites have exploded in the last two years: from 32% at the beginning of 2016, to 52% in August 2018. This means that visitors are now using Desktop and Tablet considerably less. In fact, Hotelchamp data shows that mobile sessions have overtaken desktop and that tablet sessions have seen a particularly sharp drop - read the full article.

But while travellers are increasingly researching accommodation on mobile, they aren’t concluding their bookings via mobile. Hotelchamp data analysts found that 68% of bookings were still made via desktop in August 2018, whilst mobile accounted for 21.8% of the bookings. Consequently, hotel conversion rates are on average 6.3x better via desktop than on mobile devices.

The implications are clear - there is no denying the importance of giving your mobile website the attention it deserves. The user experience on mobile is extremely important, as this is where many of your guests are looking for information.  

What you can do

Hoteliers can create mobile-specific tools that inform travellers of the benefits of booking direct. These tools can persuade more customers to conclude their booking directly on your mobile website. In addition, visitors who still prefer switching to a desktop device to book their stay will already be better informed about the reasons to book direct.

Hotelchamp has recently introduced new-look mobile tools, designed specifically to increase the conversion of guests visiting via mobile.  With seamless website integration, proven results and powerful customisation, Hotelchamp’s tools will optimise the customer journey on your website – across all devices.

Here are 2 examples of tools you can add to your mobile website and booking engine to highlight your direct booking benefits:

Offering a promo code

Using Hotelchamp, you can highlight specific offers or selective discounts by providing a promo code. Hotelchamp's mobile functionality allows you to first unobtrusively introduce the offer as a tap-to-expand icon – Hotelchamp offers a range of 1000s of icons to choose from, to best suit your offer. Once the visitor taps the icon, the full message will appear.

The visitor can then tap the ‘book now’ button, to be taken straight to your booking engine where the promo code is already applied, taking them one step further in their booking journey.

Compare prices

Once the traveller is already in the booking engine and has selected their date of stay, Hotelchamp’s Price Comparison tool can compare your direct price to that of your OTA prices. This tool intelligently knows to only show when your direct price is cheaper, and is a great way to persuade your website visitors to book directly on your website.

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Mar 21, 2019
Written by
Hotelchamp Team