The past couple of weeks have been challenging in many ways. Uncertainty is ever-present in the hospitality sector and many questions are left unanswered. No wonder we tend to overlook how the current circumstances have made many brands more creative and also, stand strong together. Here are 5 ways hotels are showing solidarity during COVID-19:

1. Fleming’s Hotels: Solidarity in times of the coronavirus

Doctors, nurses and other members of the community play a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19. Sometimes, they have to move to a new city or cannot stay at home with their families as the risk of infection would be too high. How amazing is it therefore, that people who help defeating the virus and need a place to stay, can now do so in the Fleming’s Hotels properties of Frankfurt and Munich - for free! Thank you Fleming’s Hotels for this beautiful initiative! Find more information here.

5 ways hotels are showing solidarity during COVID-19

2. ZOKU Amsterdam: Private Offices

Having a hard time concentrating or no internet at home? No problem, ZOKU Amsterdam has got you sorted. The hotel opens its doors to people that would work from an office under normal circumstances, but cannot do that due to the given situation. ZOKU Amsterdam offers a private room, including a healthy lunch, useful office amenities and high speed WiFi, starting from €50 a day. What a creative idea, ZOKU Amsterdam! Read more here.

5 ways hotels are showing solidarity during COVID-19

3. Elite Hotels of Sweden & blocket: Move into a hotel

COVID-19 keeps us at bay and many hotel businesses are coming up with creative ideas on how to save job positions. And so did Elite Hotels of Sweden together with blocket. They formed a brand-new collaboration and started a campaign to transform their now empty hotel rooms into homes for people that urgently need a long-term place to stay - a win-win situation! The rooms can be rented on a monthly basis and guests will benefit from housekeeping, a 24 hour reception, gym and high speed WiFi. Read more here.

5 ways hotels are showing solidarity during COVID-19

4. Holiday Inn Express, Philadelphia: Giving shelter to patients

People that have been tested positive for the Coronavirus need to quarantine themselves. However, doctors and nurses that start showing symptoms or people without shelter have a hard time doing that, because they cannot go back home to their families or don’t have a place to stay in general. That’s why some hotels like the Holiday Inn Express in the Center City of Philadelphia have been transformed into shelter places for people in need. A strong measure of solidarity! Read more here.

5. Marriott Hotels: Executive team taking pay cuts

President & CEO of Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Arne Sorenson, announced that he, as well as Executive Chairman Bill Marriott, will suspend their salaries for the full year of 2020. Also, the executive team of Marriott will take 50% pay cuts. The measures are being taken to help save jobs for Marriott employees and reduce layoffs. A strong step that is being made by this and other businesses across the hospitality industry! More information here.

5 ways hotels are showing solidarity during COVID-19

Next to these 5 ways hotels are showing solidarity during COVID-19, many other hotels all around the world are coming up with other great initiatives and campaigns. Do you also have an idea on how to show solidarity and help the community during this time? Feel free to reach out to us under to discuss how we can help you or check out our other blog articles for more tips!

Mar 26, 2020
Written by
Hotelchamp Team