Hotelchamp's AI Tools for Hoteliers

Website content that compels guests to book is now only a few clicks away. With Hotelchamp's AI tools for hotels, highlight show-stopping offers that grab your guests' attention, create an enriched personalised experience with multi-language translations and produce high-quality website copy that speaks to your guests.

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Transform Your Offers with AI Persuasion Writer

Transform your hotel's marketing offers with Hotelchamp's AI Persuasion Writer for hotels. Our integration with ChatGPT is specifically designed for hotels to help increase direct bookings. The AI Writer uses compelling conversion copywriting techniques and behavioural psychology principles to grab your guests' attention as they decide where to stay. Creating scroll-stopping messaging is just a couple of clicks away.

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Reach Your Guests With AI-Powered Translations

40% of people won't buy from a website that's not in their language. Now, with the help of Hotelchamp AI Powered Translations, your hotel won't miss out on reaching your guests. In just a couple of clicks, our integration with ChatGPT easily and quickly translates your Interactions into the languages you choose. Saving you time and money and adding essential personalisation to your hotel's website.

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Improve Your Website Copy with AI Assistant

Taking control of your hotel's direct channel just got even easier. A website that converts is within reach for all hoteliers with the Hotelchamp eCommerce AI Assistant. Make quick changes like fixing spelling and grammar, making text short and snappy or enriching and elaborating on your copy. The AI Assistant can even improve your text so that your guests can experience your hotel's story on your website without you having to be a copywriting expert.

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"We can change what we want when we want. This is very powerful for us."
Ratchaya Termsilkanok, Cross Hotels & Resorts