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Covid-19 is putting a lot of pressure on everyone in the industry. We want to master that period together with you as a team. Demand Tracker helps you understand real time demand data for up to 365 days ahead. Take rate & pickup decisions based on 20 times the data of your PMS.

Setup personalised alerts for demand situations specific for your hotel. Demand increasing over 20% for a certain date? We have got you covered. Family peak over April - here you go. 

Realtime Demand Notifications

Demand Tracker shows you real time demand based on your website date searchesConversion Rate (CVR) helps you to contextualise performance of different dates. Change of search behaviour keeps you informed of shifting demand. 

Realtime Pickup Demand®

Demand Tracker understands different demand situations based on your hotel's specific room types. Dive into performance, conversion & LOS of each room type. 

Room Type Demand

Dissect your guests by their demographic profile. Understand when Solos or Families book and how this influences your demand over certain periods.

Guest Segmentation Demand

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