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How to set up a last minute Mother’s Day campaign for your hotel

Help your guests reconnect with their loved ones with a well-crafted Mother’s Day campaign. Learn how to easily set up last-minute messaging on your website.
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Building guest confidence with personalised messaging

Adding personalised messaging to your hotel website is a great way to prepare for reopening. Learn how you can build guest confidence by adding the right messages for your guests.
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6 keys to building a high performing hotel website

When talking about how a hotel website should be built, the discussions usually go over the same features and attributes. In this blog, you'll go deeper and learn about the 6 keys you need to create a high performing hotel website that gets your hotel more direct bookings.
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91% direct revenue increase for hotels over Black Friday weekend

Black Friday has become a key part of the hotel industry’s promotional calendar and this year was no exception. The 2020 Black Friday weekend helped hoteliers to boost bookings, kicking-off the festive season with a 91% average increase in direct revenue.
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How to reduce costs while increasing incremental revenue for your hotel

With revenue decimated by the pandemic, many hotels are searching for ways to reduce their costs, without reducing incremental revenue. In this blog, we explore how to increase your additional revenue. Plus, you’ll learn how to practically apply this to your hotel's strategy.
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5 tips to create a successful Black Friday campaign for your hotel

Black Friday is now one of the biggest events in the hotel industry’s promotional calendar with hotels seeing an increase of over 100% in direct bookings for this holiday weekend. In this blog, you’ll learn how to easily create a successful Black Friday campaign.
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How to exclude your hotel IP address from your reporting

Having accurate reporting is crucial for hotels. To ensure internal website traffic isn't impacting reporting accuracy, learn how to exclude the hotel office IP address from your hotel’s Google Analytics.
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Free ebook download: Surviving an economic downturn

In our latest free ebook, we go more in-depth into tactics hotelier can use to survive an economic downturn without causing longterm damage to rates.

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