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In an increasingly sophisticated landscape, revenue managers are using price as the main weapon of choice. Meanwhile, hotel marketers are working on a broader remit of sales, with less focus on whether those sales meet revenue goals. This means a lot of effort is going into conflicting goals.

Don't miss out, as we discuss this and more alongside industry partner OTA Insight to give you all the techniques required to start bridging the gap between marketing and revenue teams.

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Creating the ultimate power couple

How to bring together marketing and revenue management teams

In collaboration with 

Nick Vivion


Founder at Ghost Works

Luke Terheyden 


Solution Architect

Thierry Collard


Global Sales Manager Revenue Insight

What you'll learn from this webinar

  • Leveraging opportunities that bridge the gap between marketing and revenue teams
  • How to take advantage of up-to-date data to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Alternatives to pricing as a revenue management lever
  • How to measure your success

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Irek Kwasniewski

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