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Smart Notifications

USP Comparison Tool

Show the same notifications used by the largest OTA’s to increase the urgency to book directly on your website. Send a relevant notification, which will appear on your website based on visitor behavior.

Increase conversion of lookers into bookers.

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"We learn everyday from working together with the team of specialists from Hotelchamp. The effective tools and personal support has led to a massive 38% increase of our direct bookings"

Ric van Holthe tot Echten

Hotel Casa400, Amsterdam

"Following the launch of our new website, we chose to work with Hotelchamp to fully optimize it. The setup was very fast with a reactive and attentive team. The results did not take long to come and our direct bookings are constantly growing!"

Stéphane Zabouri - Villa Saxe Eiffel

General Manager

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