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Hotelchamp is disrupting the hotel industry by offering hotels smart technology that makes hotels less dependent on OTAs. 

Take matters in your own hands and gain back control of your online bookings.

We have developed sophisticated targeting options: URL Targeting, Audience Targeting (segmentation) & Behavioral Targeting. 

We personalize your website using all the available knowledge about your visitors. 

Understanding who your website guests are and what they actually want on your site is key to convince them to make an instant direct booking.

Understand Your Audience & Their Behavior

How it works?

Enhance The Customer Journey. In Real Time.

We use all the knowledge about your website visitors and show them the right triggers, at the right place and at the right time on your site - in real time.

No coding. Just a small piece of script.

After installation, our conversion specialists transform your website into a high converting booking site - all hard work is done on our end. Time for another cup of coffee for you.

It takes longer to get a cup coffee than to install our solution on your site. Just a small piece of

</> hotelchamp </> code installed in the header of your site and booking engine and we are all set-up and running.

Full service. No compromises.

Up and running in no-time

500+ hotels in 20 countries already started using our solution - small selection:

Ric van Holthe tot Echten

Hotel Casa400, Amsterdam

"We learn every day from working together with the team of specialists from Hotelchamp. The effective tools and personal support has led to a massive 38% increase of our direct bookings."

Unique personalized booking experience

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