Hotelchamp Partners up with WIHP to Drive Direct Bookings


Converting hotel website visitors into hotel guests is a mutual goal for WIHP and Hotelchamp, therefore a collaboration between these two players is a logical step. As of today, the partnership is official, it’s the perfect match to provide high quality hotel marketing including outstanding looking websites with advanced technology.

WIHP believes that Hotelchamp’s technology will benefit their customer’s websites because the customer journey will be optimized and the conversion rate and direct bookings will increase. “I strongly believe that Hotelchamp’s technology is the new and upcoming solution in our industry. They solve a real big problem for official hotel websites”,Vincent Ramelli, CEO WIHP.

Hotelchamp’s technology combined with WIHP Metasearch program becomes a high-performance solution to improve hoteliers direct channels. “By combining our advanced technology with WIHP high-quality service we are able to create powerful unique customer journeys to optimize each and every channel”, Kasper Middelkoop, Co-founder & CMO Hotelchamp.

Since its creation in 1999, WIHP is focused on helping hotels increase direct bookings through their websites and other channels. They design, engineer and support state-of-the-art marketing tools for hotels and chains. Their mission is to guide their customers in the hotel marketing world and helping them to make the right decisions, which can be measured by the increased results. Today WIHP has more than 3.000 clients in more than 60 countries.

Hotelchamp’s solution is dedicated to generate more direct bookings for hotels and strengthening relationships between hotels and their guests. With an extended package of smart personalization and segmentation techniques they create a unique customer journey for every hotel website visitor. The hotel technology company from Amsterdam works with more than 20 countries worldwide.capture-decran-2016-12-08-a-14-47-46