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Unlimited use of 12 personalized and persuasive tools 

1- 49 Rooms

Dedicated Conversion Specialist with the knowledge, expertise, and data to boost your direct bookings

100 - 149 Rooms

Monthly reports with insights on your website's performance

Continuous monitoring and optimisation of tools   

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Targeting of different types of guests with personalised tools

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Package includes following features

50 - 99 Rooms

Easy and quick product implementation 

+ 150 Rooms

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4. Analyze and Optimize

5. Increase direct bookings

1. Easily integrated with your website

With just a small piece of </> hotelchamp </> code installed in the header of your site and booking portal, we are up and running

Hotelchamp solution in 5 steps

Personalized methods to encourage direct booking

2. Understand potential guests

Get to know their behavior and characteristics

Continuously test to increase direct bookings

Hotelchamp is a proven solution to increase direct bookings

3. Personalize and Persuade

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