Your Own Hotel Website – Your Strongest Booking Channel

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Personalized Incentives Will Convince Your Visitors to Book Directly

Increasing direct bookings through your own hotel’s website is a New Year’s resolution almost ubiquitous amongst hoteliers in 2017. The big booking platforms have managed to assume a strong position during the industry’s ongoing transition from offline to online business with four out of five online bookings now done through OTAs. Read more

Hotelchamp in the Hotel Yearbook 2017


We are proud to announce Hotelchamp’s CEO Kristian Valk is chosen to share his expertise on building customer relations and increasing direct bookings in the official Hotel Yearbook 2017. Read more

Hotelchamp fully supports the AAOA efforts to restore balance between Online Travel Agents and Hotels located in Australia & New Zealand


The Accommodation Association of Australia has officially requested action in a letter to the Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Mr Rod Sims, and follows an ACCC investigation into this market, which ended with it negotiating an ‘administrative arrangement’ with offshore global online travel agents, Expedia and, who control 80 per cent of the Australian market.( Source: accomnews)
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5 Scientific Ways To Increase Your Hotel Bookings


Imagine, you are tired and have just had a meeting with the hotel owner.

Bookings are down, and they want results. You sit at your desk and load up the Hotel website and wonder ‘what am I going to do, how am I going to increase the hotel sales revenue?’

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SiteMinder revealed average booking value on direct hotel websites nearly doubles that on third party channels


The global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform SiteMinder revealed that the average booking value hoteliers are making on their direct channels nearly doubles the value they are receiving from third-party booking channels.

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