Our full support for the AAOA efforts to restore balance between OTAs and hotels


The Accommodation Association of Australia has officially requested action in a letter to the Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Mr Rod Sims, and follows an ACCC investigation into this market, which ended with it negotiating an ‘administrative arrangement’ with offshore global online travel agents, Expedia and Booking.com, who control 80 per cent of the Australian market.( Source: accomnews)

Hotelchamp urges hotels and accommodation providers to take matters into their own hands and start enhancing their hotel website. By deploying the latest technology and website personalisation techniques used by OTAs hotels can ensure that consumers book direct and have the same booking experience on their own websites.

By personalizing the booking experience, hotels can prevent website visitors in booking with online travel agents. Research suggests that 75% of consumers review hotel websites before finalising a booking on the online travel agents website – the so called billboard effect. With Hotelchamp’s software solution hotel websites can utilize the billboard effect and ensure guests stay and book directly on their own website.

Hotelchamp supports the The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAOA) appeal to break the duopoly that exists in the industry by giving back control to hotel operators. Currently, hotels in Australia can not offer the best rates on their own websites. “To say members of the AAOA are angry with the outcome of the ACCC investigation is an understatement,” said Mr Munro in his letter to Mr Sims.

Kristian Valk, CEO of Hotelchamp comments: “All my life I have been in the e-commerce business and in my experience the best solution for the given situation is to take matters into your own hands and beat the online travel agents with their own methods. Start enhancing your hotel website and use the same tools and persuasion techniques the online travel agents are using to ensure guests book direct on your own website.”

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